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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Springing into art

There is no art more beautiful than that very first blush of spring - especially when you've had as wet and dreary a winter as we have this year. I took this photo over the weekend and have kept it on my desktop ever since.

Because it's as if the daffodils, the magnolias and the cherry trees dragged spring with them as they blossomed, rather than the other way around.

The year, the flowers were blooming long before any of us actually believed that we were going to have any spring at all.

And once they got started, they were quickly followed by the forsythia, the faint blush of yellow (precursor to their gorgeous green) on the willow trees, the occasional day warm enough to wear a sweater instead of a coat.

And to celebrate?

Today, despite the rain and the cool temperatures, I wore my sandals. Only for a couple of blocks, but still. Feels like spring to me.


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