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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Van Gogh - Cafe Terrace on the Place du Forum

This painting - like many of Van Gogh's great paintings - was painted in the couple of years before his death, while he was at Arles in France.

It's kind of a companion painting to the more famous Starry Night paintings which were painted before and after this one - at least it is for me.

It has the night stars, but they illuminate a warm street scene filled with people enjoying the night. I like to think this painting was done on a day when Vincent won the battle with his mental demons and was able to see the joy and beauty and comfort of the human world.

Plus, this painting for me exemplifies what I love about small town France. I've sat in dozens of cafes like this one, sipping a glass of wine, eating a jambon and brie sandwich, having coffee and a croissant. And more than anything else, enjoying the buzz of conversation and the relaxing atmosphere that a visitor is almost always assured of in any one of thousands of cafes throughout France.


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Marco said...

Nosing arround the Internet I found some different pictures showing the "same" painting, and they are different in many details. Would you tell me if van Gogh made different paintings with the same theme or if there is only one painting, and the others are copies?