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Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday five - water features

As you know, the city of Vancouver is surrounded by water - creeks, oceans, lagoons, inlets. Everywhere you turn you see water. But I've fallen in love with the small things - the fountains and ponds and miscellaneous tiny bits of water that also enhance the city. This is one of my favorites - one of the reflecting pools around the Law Courts. I took this picture Thursday morning because I couldn't resist the reflections. 

 This is the fountain at the foot of Granville Street - it is the water vision of a dandelion being blown in the wind. It doesn't matter whether it's summer or winter or whether it's raining or windy or just simply gloomy - this fountain always brightens my day.

And who could resist the seagull bathing fountain? I've never been by this fountain (which is also the eternal flame fountain) where there wasn't at least a few seagulls enjoying the free bath.

I pass this fountain almost every day - it's part of the Sheraton Wall Centre complex and the whole complex is always immaculate. I love the lush green geometry of these hedges and the contrast of the vivacious sparkling water. I often stop - and so does almost everyone else.

And here's one of my favorite water features - you have to catch this one at precisely the right time. The downpour must just have stopped and the sun must have come out in order to see the city's reflection in a leftover puddle. I stand over them and get the slightest hint of vertigo - as if I'm somehow seeing a different world than the one I'm standing in.


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