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Monday, October 24, 2011

Conan the Octogenarian?

At Surrey International Writers Conference this weekend, I first met Conan dressed in street clothes. He was interested in writing and he seemed, at the time, like a perfectly normal human being who wanted to find out about writing.

Boy, was I wrong!

We hosted a cocktail party on Saturday night and, unbeknownst to us, it was fantasy night at the conference. I saw a fair number of angels - if I hadn't already known that angels were the hot new thing, this conference would have convinced me of it.

I saw a whole lot of elves, mostly girls, and I suspect that's because the costumes are so beautiful. It's hard to go wrong wearing lovely flowing silk and lace and long curly hair.

I saw a man wearing an antique Mounted Police uniform - and the gossip was that he and his wife, wearing angel wings, had just been married the weekend before.

So I shouldn't have been surprised when Dan - I'm pretty sure his name was Dan, though the surprise of the costume kind of put his real name out of my head - showed up wearing a Tina Turner wig, Conan's clothes and staff, and Huff and Puff bunny slippers.

Great conference. Great people. Great costume. Thanks, Conan the Octogenarian (and no, he's nowhere near 80) for the entertainment. And don't forget to give those bunny slippers back to your son.


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