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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A.J. Casson - Housetops in the Ward

A.J. Casson is one of the "unofficial" members of the Group of Seven but is definitely my favorite. I love his work, all of it.

He began painting at a very young age and had his very first exhibition at 19. He lived a long life, painting throughout, and died at 93.

And just as an aside - I learned something I hadn't known about the Group of Seven. Casson and six other members of the group are buried on the grounds of the McMichael Canadian Art Collection north of Toronto - now that's interesting.

This painting is one of my favorites - though I admit that there are many many of of them. With Casson, my problem wasn't finding a building, it was choosing a painting with buildings in it. I choose this one because I love the clear warm colors that brighten up what might have been a gloomy winter scene. I love the way the houses are fitted in all higgledy-piggledy. I love the fact that it's square - he must have had to cut and frame this canvas himself to get this odd shape.

I actually own two of his silkscreens from the 1920s and I wouldn't sell them for any price. It's the connection to one of my favorite artists. I took pictures of them so you can see the range of his work - he was working for a commercial art / printing firm during the time these were done.


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Anonymous said...

Thank you for your post and the tidbit about the McMichael. I love Housetops in the Ward at the AGO.