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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Street art, aka pant art

Okay, I'm walking down Davie Street past a store that carries vintage clothes, most of which I wouldn't be seen dead in - but by which I'm always fascinated. I can't help myself.

I'm especially fascinated by those clothes I might have worn in my youth. You know, the clothes we all wished we'd worn when we were teenagers or in our early twenties - the clothes we couldn't afford or were embarrassed by, but now think, wow! I would have been totally cool and amazing if I'd just worn that.

These pants are definitely not those clothes.

But for some reason I couldn't resist them.

I've spend quite a few days, on and off, wondering who might have worn the plaid pants. And the only people I can think of who might have worn something like this are the men on the Norwegian curling team.

As for these -

What could you possibly call them? Who might have worn them? What decade are they from?

The world and the people in it are amazing. Weird and amazing and some of them have terrible taste.


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