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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

L.L. Fitzgerald, Doc Snyder's House

This painting by Lionel Lemoine Fitzgerald is one of my favorite paintings. It's called Doc Snyder's House.

Fitzgerald was a member of the Group of Seven, mostly celebrated for their vibrant landscapes, yet this painting is as delicate as a piece of calligraphy.

What do I love about it?

First, being a writer, I love the title and the way it draws me into the painting. I want to know who Doc Snyder was, I was to write his story. Or maybe I want to write the story of the little boy who sat in his bedroom, all bundled up with a cold on this wintry Winnipeg day.

Or maybe it's the light. Look at those shadows and the way the light catches the snow and the beautifully graceful trees.

Or maybe it's the house itself.

I've been to Winnipeg in the winter and there are still houses that look exactly like this - even though this painting was created in 1931. It was a different world in that year, somewhere between one war and another, in the middle of the Great Depression - and somehow Fitzgerald has managed to capture all of that in this painting.

It looks so simple, doesn't it?

And yet it's not.


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