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Monday, July 18, 2011

Not really a review...

I've just spent some time emailing back and forth with my friend Lisa about writing, scheduling, what I have been doing, what I might change.

While that was going on, one of the things I've done is to work out - ever so vaguely - my writing schedule for the next few months. Much of that schedule will be revisions of three books that are already completed - one big set of revisions, two books which only need a little work.

I have a novella - the first in a series of three - to write and I'm looking forward to that.

But what I'm really excited about is the novel I'm going to write starting in September. And so these movies - Bed of Roses and Beastly are really research for that book. I know they don't seem to have much in common except that they're both love stories - but that isn't why I thought of them.

I thought of them because one of the things I remember most about Bed of Roses and Beastly is the magic that is associated with the gardens in these movies.

I love the gardens that  were created out of love. I'm not a gardener, never have been but I appreciate the act of love that is needed to cherish the soil and the plantings in it.

So these movies are on my research list for September, not so much for the reality of the gardening but for the creation of this particular earthy gift of love.


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