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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It's a sign

Earlier this month, I thought about the one book I've always meant to read and haven't. I carried my paperback copy with me on probably a hundred trips - thinking I'd read it in an airplane when I didn't have any other choice.

Instead, each time, while still carrying this book, I bought something else to read in the airport bookstore.

This is the year, I said to myself, that I'm going to read War and Peace. And what I'll do is to read 10 pages of this book before I allow myself to pick up and read anything else.

Searching my bookshelves for my twenty year old unread copy of War and Peace I found that it had been misplaced. Lost, left in an airport somewhere, discarded when I moved a couple of years ago. Who knows?

I then plan to buy the book the next time I go to my favorite secondhand store - not because I don't want to pay the full price, but because I want a copy of the book that has the same feel as the book I somehow misplaced.

Look what I found today! A new/used copy of War and Peace for only two dollars. Whoever bought it before me (at Chapters) cracked the spine but otherwise left it in fine shape.

Definitely a sign...

I'll be tweeting my daily move through War and Peace @kateavancouver if you want to keep up with me.


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