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Monday, May 30, 2011

Harry Potter

I've just finally got video on demand on my TV. Bad idea. Very very very bad idea.

Because the company that I use for cable and digital and internet access and now video on demand, is very smart. They have movies, TV shows, all kinds of things on video on demand.

But they're smart because they have a section called Features. Just before and after the Academy Awards they featured all the movies that were nominated and were available on DVD.

Now they're featuring all of the Harry Potter movies - right from the beginning.

First, I'll tell you this. I LOVE the Harry Potter books. I bought the first one the day it came out in hardcover and have done the same with the other six. I've read the series all the way through two or three times.

BUT... I didn't love the first movie. For me, at the time, it wasn't successful as a movie. It was too detail oriented and not enough story oriented. But I did go to all the movies (except the last three) because my dad loved them - he's been gone for a while so I haven't seen the newer movies.

Maybe I was wrong about that first movie and maybe I was wrong to give up going to the newer movies. Because I've started to watch them from the beginning and although I've only seen the first one, honestly? If I had the weekend off, I'd watch all the movies back to back.

So that's going to be my treat for the next few weeks - when I'm tired or can't concentrate and I have a couple of hours, I'm going to watch Harry Potter.

I can hardly wait.


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