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Friday, June 05, 2009

Friday movie review - Earth

I admit it. I love movies. I love movies of all kinds, from horror to romantic comedies, from animation to the longest and most complicated of art films. And I love to see them on the big screen.

And boy, am I glad I saw this movie on the big screen. It's absolutely gorgeous as it moves from the top of the earth in the not-so-frozen-anymore Arctic right down to the Antarctic and almost everywhere in between.

It's not exactly a polemic, though it does try to show us some of the problems the earth is experiencing as a result of global warming. It does this by showing us the lives of the creatures on the planet - and this connection helps us understand the problems in a more personal way.

I know you know all this but the movie follows three families - elephants, polar bears, giant whales - on their separate journeys. But while they're doing this, we get to see a whole bunch of other animals and that, for me, is what makes this movie work. It's a snapshot of the earth and her inhabitants (except for human beings) and it moves fast.

I'd recommend it and I'd tell you to see it on the biggest screen you can find because you'll miss the glory of it if you see it on your TV (even a big one) at home.

By the way, next year they're doing another movie for Earth Day 2010 and it's called Oceans. The preview looked great and I've put it in my calendar - though that's probably unnecessary as the trailers for Earth were everywhere. I don't think I'll miss next year's trailers either.


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