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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Sunshine Coast - it's a real place

Yes, that Sunshine Coast, the one I've written about in THE SUNSHINE COAST NEWS and THE GOSSIP QUEENS and LAST NIGHT AT THE HALFMOON. And yes, we did go to Halfmoon Bay, though there isn't and never has been a drive-in there.

Halfmoon Bay - lots of seashells and seabirds and fishermen and divers here.

We spent a couple of days up on the Sunshine Coast this week to celebrate the beginning of summer. It's a half hour drive to the ferry terminal in Horseshoe Bay from our house. And a 40 minute ferry ride to the Sunshine Coast - it's a completely accessible weekend trip, especially if your weekend is Monday and Tuesday like ours is. And the trip is absolutely gorgeous.

Even though a ferry ride is required to get to the Sunshine Coast, it's part of the mainland. It's really an archipelago or an isthmus or a peninsula, I'm not sure of the correct term - somewhere halfway up this small part of the province is a part of the mainland that meets the Sunshine Coast - but it's inaccessible because that part where it meets is actually a mountain or two. And it's not financially viable to build a road across when there are only a few people on the Sunshine Coast.

But it's a gorgeous place for a vacation. For one thing, it truly is sunnier than the mainland. I'm not sure why that is, but the weather gods shine on this small part of the province. A short trip from rainy Vancouver and it's likely to be sunny and warm at the other end of the ferry ride.

Gibsons Landing is right by the ferry terminal and we spent an afternoon wandering around - actually, it doesn't take a whole afternoon even if you go into every shop and restaurant and bar. It's right on the water - as you can see - and is one of those perfect little tourist towns, filled with artisans and restaurants and antique shops and ice cream parlors, all of which we took advantage of.

And you never know what you'll see traveling from bottom to top of this narrow swath of land -



Lisa Croll Di Dio said...

Kate, it's gorgeous! I really must come up for a visit and see it in person.

Kate Austin said...

Lisa, you'll love it - it's a real treat and the food (and wine) is great.