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Monday, June 08, 2009

Coastal boats

One of the things I love about living on the coast are the boats. I like all of them, big and small, old and new. I love working boats and play boats. I like power boats and sailboats. I think I just like them all.

Here's a new one that I love - isn't she beautiful? She's moved in just down the street from my house and I like to go and visit her occasionally. She always makes me feel good. And just so you can get an idea of how big she is - she's bigger than most houses.

And here's an old one. She's up on the Sunshine Coast and whoever owns her has really looked after her.

And here's a boat with balloons... it looks like she's having a birthday party.

And a boat that's a house. I'm not sure I'd want to live on a houseboat, if I'd had a few drinks and it was a rough night - well, you get the picture.

I've always collected boats, I suspect I get that from my dad and my brother and my grandfather. My grandfather owned the Campbell River Lodge during the fifties and my father spent his teenage years as a fishing guide to people like John Wayne and Bob Hope. My brother is an avid fisherman and would spend his life on a boat if he could.
And my mother came to Canada from England on a big ship and, though she'd never swim, spent her teenage years going to school by boat - so I guess it's in my blood on both sides. I'm always writing about boats and the water.

What about you? What kind of boats do you like?

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