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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Birthday week

It's my birthday week and, as usual, I'm celebrating for more than just one day. I suspect the celebrations will go on until June as one of my friends and I are going to see Herbie Hancock for our birthdays and that's in June.

So what am I doing this week? It started on Tuesday - lunch with Ardella at a relatively new (new to me, anyway) called Saltlik where I had a lovely steak sandwich without the wich and skinny fries - drenched with salt. A reading/signing thingy at the Richmond Library on Wednesday night with nancy, preceded by dinner with three of my favorite people to celebrate my birthday and Jude's birthday on the weekend. Then Thursday (my actual birthday) lunch with Janet (whose birthday is the same day) at Bridges on Granville Island, then drinks with Jill at Don Francesco's. Then on Friday it's lunch with Leanne, my new tattoo at 2:30 - I'll post a photo of it sometime soon - then a birthday party Friday night.

So far that's it. But I'm sure, absolutely, that more events will occur between now and next week.


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