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Sunday, September 16, 2007

It's all about time

A friend gave me a new timer today - I know that doesn't sound too exciting, but it is. And I'll tell you why.

I write in half hour bursts. I set my timer (which has been until today an old-fashioned, boring kitchen timer) for half an hour and I write. Sometimes I write by hand, sometimes on the computer, but that's all I do for that half hour. I don't check my email, I don't listen to music, I don't get up to make tea. Although I do get up for the bathroom if I have to - it's just too messy otherwise. Other than that, I write.

And then when the timer rings - and I place the timer so I can't see how much time is left of my half hour - I stop. Often right in the middle of a sentence. I set the timer for another half hour and I do something else. I read or I have my shower or breakfast or I do the dishes. I do the laundry or work on a critique for a friend or fold my laundry. When the timer rings, I re-set it, and I start writing again.

Depending on how many pages I need to write, I repeat this throughout the day. On a normal day, I'm probably finished after four or five half hour bursts of writing - which is a very productive day. Occasionally, if I have a deadline, I might end up doing seven or eight. But not too often - it's too hard.

Why does this work for me?

I think there are a couple of reasons. One is that when I first started to write, I was working full-time so I had to find time to write. I'd go to work half an hour early and sit in a coffee shop and write for that half hour. I'd write for another half hour at lunchtime and another half hour after work before I went home. Occasionally, I'd have time to write in the evening or on the weekend - but those three half hours five days a week meant I could easily write 20 pages a week most weeks. So I learned to write in half hours bursts. The other reason is that I think, psychologically, having the timer gives me an incredible amount of freedom. I know I don't have to spend all day writing, I don't have to worry about anything except a single half hour, 30 minutes, that's it. And it's easy to do anything for half an hour.

So my new timer? It's a lemon, a beautiful lemon-colored, lemon-shaped, lemon. I turn the top half to line up the 30 minute mark with the arrow mark and away I go. It ticks away and it makes me feel comfortable. And productive. And free.

I love my lemon.


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Gray said...

Its friggin cold here and a timer wont help me, but sitting by the fire with a laptop writing about the North is...