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Friday, September 14, 2007

Lisey's Story - Stephen King

I'm not finished the book yet, so I'm not going to tell you about it, but I am going to give you one of the reasons I love Stephen King so much. I like his stories - and this one seems very autobiographical so far.

But even if I'm not that keen on the particular story, I LOVE his sentences, his writing. It's so clean and concise and beautiful. Here's the sentence that got me thinking about this again:

This day seemed at least a month long, but that wind, lovely and somehow fine-grained, like the one in her dream the night before, soothed and refreshed her.

That wind, lovely and somehow fine-grained - how perfect is that? how evocative? how unusual and creative?

And that won't be the only sentence that will cause me a wow moment in this book. It's something I count on with King, something that he never fails to manage. I want to write those kinds of sentences - I really do.


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Lover of Books said...

I have to say I loved this book as well. It was also my first Stephen King novel. I am planning on reading more by him eventually.