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Friday, May 04, 2007

Street Scenes - Andy McDermott

On Wednesday night this week, I went to an opening at my favorite art gallery in Vancouver. The artist was Andy McDermott , a Scot, a rugby player, and an amazing artist.

I like him particularly because I tend to like paintings that are architectural, that have buildings and street scenes. And Andy paints some of my favorite city locations - Vancouver and New York. This painting was done in downtown Vancouver - in the rain, of course - and I love it. As well, he often paints my bridge - the Burrard Street bridge - and every time he does that, I'm happy.

The other thing I really love about him is that he is a rarity - much of his work is done in pastel and you don't see that very much as it's so delicate and easily damaged.

The painting I liked best at the show - and I liked almost all of them - was called Soho Scene or something like that and was very simple. Two mid-size buildings, one red, one yellow, hovering over a New York street. It was simple but also detailed and perfect.

If you want to see more of his work, check out www.harrisongalleries.com, go to artists and McDermott. Almost all the painting are there from the show.


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