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Monday, May 07, 2007

Write On, Vancouver

I spent Friday and Saturday at a great conference in Vancouver - Write On, Vancouver.

The main speaker was Nancy Kress who did two craft workshops and a keynote. She was great - funny, entertaining, but more than that - she gave practical advice that anyone could use. If you're looking at this, maybe you want to try this. If this isn't working, maybe try this.

The editors - Wanda Ottewell from Harlequin and Anne Groell from Bantam - were engaging and frank about the industry and their jobs. Agent Sally Harding added another dimension.

The hotel - The Inn at the Quay on the river in New Westminster - was lovely. Good food, good service, well organized.

We had great goody bags and great company. All in all, one of the best small conferences I've been to.

You'll want to consider this conference for next year.


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