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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I'm back...

Hey, everybody

I've spent most of the past month on the road, driving most days between my apartment downtown and either the hospital or my dad's place out in the suburbs. It's an hour trip each way plus time visiting or shopping or going to the bank or taking him to the doctor's office, so I haven't had much spare time.

He's on the mend now so I'm only heading out there a couple of times a week, which gives me a whole heck of lot more time to do the things I need to do and to catch up on my ever burgeoning to do list. I did the things I absolutely HAD to do like the proposal for THE LOSERS' CLUB which was due May 1, but put off the things I could extend a little - like my blog and the technical manual I'm working on. I also didn't do much shopping or cooking or laundry but - as of this week - I think I'm almost up to my normal speed.

It's amazing how life interferes with our plans. I'm pretty careful about padding my time estimates for most things, giving myself two or three or even five days of wiggle room - but I couldn't possibly have imagined a month worth of wiggle room being necessary. So, you give up what you can, compress what you have to do into a much shorter period of time, and leave everything else until you can get to it. Getting a good night's sleep is crucial under these circumstances.

But - the good news (besides the fact that Dad is getting better) is that LAST NIGHT AT THE HALFMOON will be on the shelves in a few days and I'm looking forward to that. The cover's gorgeous, it's a fun story set on the Sunshine Coast, and I love the characters. Those of you who've read some of the earlier books set on the Sunshine Coast (THE SUNSHINE COAST NEWS and THE GOSSIP QUEENS) will recognize some of the characters. The gossip queens make a cameo appearance and Rowena Dale comes back to give Aimee some well-needed advice.

I think I'm back to my regular schedule so check out the blog every couple of days - I'm at it.


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