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Monday, February 26, 2007

Eating Out

I love eating out and do it a lot. Vancouver has some of the best restaurants in the world and an enormous variety of them, I live right downtown, so there's never a shortage of an old or a new place to eat.

We have every variety of Asian restaurant you can imagine from Thai to Japanese to half a dozen different kinds of Chinese. We have Italian restaurants to die for, French bistros and great burger joints. We have Cuban, African, Indian, vegetarian, vegan, Mexican, Spanish, tapas, oyster bars, wine bars, microbreweries. We have seafood so fresh it might still be swimming, we have restaurants with views of the water, of the mountains, of the city skyline. We have restaurants tucked into gardens, sitting on the beach, floating on the inlet, perched high up on the mountains. We have restaurants you have to take gondolas to get to, restaurants you can take a ferry to, restaurants you can walk or bike to.

So you can see why it is that I love to eat out - but my favorite meal of all to eat out is breakfast. I love bacon so crisp it crackles in your hand, poached eggs that when you touch your fork to them, the yolk spills all over your plate. And perfect home fries. And I mean home fries made from real potatoes, home fries without any extras, just cooked perfectly and served with my bacon and eggs.

And where do I mostly eat this? At the Sunshine Diner on Broadway, one block west of Macdonald. It's about a 45 minute walk from my place and if it's not pouring rain, I always walk. I get to walk across the bridge, along the beach, and up through some of the most beautiful old houses in the city.

When I get there, the service is terrific and the space is pure diner. Black and white tiled floors, red Naughahyde booths, chrome finishings. Elvis and James Dean and Marilyn on the walls, and Elvis and compatriots on the music system.

I love the Sunshine Diner - it's one of my favorite places in the city.


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