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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Holiday Wishes

I've just got the cover for my first novella - it's in Holiday Wishes with Stevi Mittman (www.stevimittman.com) and Mary Schramski (www.maryschramski.com) and my novella is called "If I Make it Through December". The title is a play on one of my favorite Christmas songs ever.

Written by Merle Haggard and covered by Holly Cole on my favorite Christmas CD Baby It's Cold Outside - this tune is not your regular happy holidays kind of song. It's definitely blues and it's about a couple who may or may not make it through December as a couple. I play Holly's CD almost every day it from the beginning of December right through to January to remind me to relax and enjoy myself in the midst of the holiday chaos.

The novella was so much fun to write - something completely different for me. I've written 10 novels, a couple of hundred short stories, but I'd never before ventured into that length of a story before. I enjoyed writing it so much that I'm writing another one called "Summertime Blues" for another anthology that's going to come out in August of 2007.

Another song title - and my character, Ardella Simpson, wonders whether for her if there ain't no cure for the summertime blues.

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