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Friday, October 06, 2006

Librarians, librarians, librarians

Last night I spent the evening with 36 librarians from a whole bunch of libraries in and around Seattle - of course I was in Seattle as well. And about 30 writers as well including Debbie Macomber, Ann Roth, Pat White, Yasmine Galernorn and on and on.

It was a great evening - librarians love talking to writers and every one of them (I think I spoke to about 32 or 33 of the 36 of them) was fascinated by the process of writing. I guess because they're huge readers (it has to be the best job in the world for an avid reader) and so they're interested in writing.

We had cheesecake and other nibblies and I spent the evening wandering from person to person to see who they were and what they were up to and what was going on in their libraries.

This event was especially for romance writers and so the librarians were amazed to find how many people wrote different things - true romances, paranormals, young adult, erotica, mysteries, women's fiction. There are dozens of subgenres and there was no possible way to explain all of that - because I think any of us who read mysteries or science fiction or fantasy or romance have a particular type of books we like - and we try hard to get books that fit into our little category. I know that I do.

I love fantasy but not so much high fantasy so I like to read urban fantasy. I like paranormal but not particularly vampires. I like historical fiction but mostly set in Victorian England and not so much in ancient Rome or the wild west. I like science fiction but I like it to be near future scifi like William Gibson. I like romance but I prefer romantic suspense and women's fiction.

And that's just me. Think of what everyone must like.


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