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Friday, September 01, 2006

Holidays at Home

There is something about the Friday of a long weekend, maybe especially the Labor Day weekend, that makes me feel like I'm on holiday. I have to work this weekend but that doesn't seem to matter - I still feel like I'm on vacation.

So to celebrate that, I stopped at my favorite restaurant - Don Francesco's - and sat on the patio for a couple of hours, had a glass of Pinot Grigio, and watched the world go by. I enjoyed the sunshine, enjoyed watching the tourists go by, just enjoyed not having to be anywhere.

I pretended to be a tourist. I often do that. Vancouver's full of tourist destinations and I often take an afternoon to enjoy one of them. Museums, gardens, the aquarium, the art gallery - it only takes a couple of hours at any of them and I feel as if I've been away for a week.

Trying out your neighborhood tourist attractions is the perfect way to have a vacation without leaving home. Where do you go if you want to take a mini-vacation?


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