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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

The art of window dressing

I'm always fascinated by store windows and often pause to examine them more closely. One of the stores in Vancouver that I've been watching - and will go out of my way to check out their windows - is the Louis Vuitton store in the Hotel Vancouver.

It's not exactly on my way to anywhere I go on a regular basis - in fact, passing it involves a 3 block detour - but it's worth it.

The windows aren't just gorgeous (and I'm not even including the LV bags and shoes and clothes) but they're interesting as well.

Their windows change every month or so and they always have something that links the windows together - this month it's these brilliantly coloured arrows. There are three windows - this one, another one similar holding up a man's satchel with arrows that are coloured in more manly hues - deep red, green, blue - which I didn't find as attractive.

And then there's this window...

The dress, I admit, doesn't do a whole lot for me - but the window? I love it. I love the meticulousness it must have taken to get those arrows exactly right. I love the imagination that thought of it in the first place. And more than anything else, I love the way (see below) that the reflection was taken into account.

Not just art, but science.

Because there aren't two dresses, but depending where you are in relation to the window, it looks like there are - brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.


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