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Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday review - A Room with a View

I watch this movie - or parts of it - whenever I get a chance. Just the other day, while TBS and PBS are doing their Oscar month, I put down my pen and the various books I was reading, and watched A Room with a View.

There's just something about it...

Of course, there's the brilliant E.M. Forster novel on which it is based, and this movie is very close to the book. And then there's the story, which is romantic and funny and very smart. And the settings? Drop dead gorgeous - Florence and the surrounding country, and the equally beautiful, though very different, English countryside. And then there are the beautiful clothes. I'm not sure that any era had more glorious clothes and hair.

But honestly? I watch this movie for Julian Sands and Helena Bonham-Carter. I'm not sure there has ever been a movie that sparkles with such sexual tension. Oh, sure, there are plenty of sexy movies - but this movie is all about awakening. First Sands' character, who springs full-blown into his love and healthy young lust, springs full-blown because his father has taught him that love and lust are wonderful and natural things. Bonham-Carter's character takes a little longer. Her upbringing, though slightly off-beat, includes all those things young women of her generation knew to be facts - sex is only for marriage and is, quite likely, not to be enjoyed.

Watching her change into a warm and loving and sexual human being - because of Julian Sands, because of his father, because of the vicar, is a fabulous joy. Every time I watch it, I believe in the power of love, the power of romance, the power of life. I say YES, YES, YES!


P.S. And yes, I know, this movie was up for Oscars many many years ago - and I should have been watching something else - but I couldn't resist.

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Meg @ write meg! said...

This sounds enchanting! A Room With A View is one of those classics that has been on my reading list forever -- sounds like I need to read the story and then check out the film.