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Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas in Vancouver...

isn't exactly what you might imagine.

I took this photograph at lunchtime today when I was out - in a sweater - doing some Christmas shopping. It was warm enough to go without gloves, without a coat, and dry enough to walk around without boots.

This photograph is of Robson Square - the heart of the city. It would definitely look more like a holiday scene if there were a little snow but, in Vancouver, it would probably have to be fake snow.

See those figures in the bright light under the dome? They're ice skating. It's the only outdoor rink in the city and it's free. It's a very small rink and very expensive to run as on most days during the winter, the outdoor temperature is way above freezing.

But it is beautiful - and despite the lack of snow, despite the temperature, despite the rain, just looking at this scene convinces me that we are in the middle of holiday season.

How about you?


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Anonymous said...

Really wonderful place which can capture anyone's attention.
By the from where you did Christmas shopping. Your any favorite shop?

John from Store Hours