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Friday, August 12, 2011

My favorite things...

I meant to take a picture of the food - but it was sooooo good, I couldn't stop myself for long enough to click.

Lisa and I spent 5 days last week in Bellevue and Seattle. Yes, we discovered art (as you'll see on my Wednesday blogs). Yes, we discovered new writers - and you'll hear about them as well. But mostly what we did was eat.

And we were incredibly lucky with food. The only bad meals we had were at the conference. Other than that, everything was fabulous.

This was a special treat. I LOVE creme caramel, though for some reason the world seems to have shifted its attention to creme brulee which means that it's hard to find creme caramel.

Gelatiamo is a small - but gorgeous - gelato shop just up the street from the Seattle Art Museum. And I was hooked immediately when I discovered they make creme caramel gelato. It was astonishingly good and Gelatiamo has been added to the list of places I must go when I'm in Seattle.

That list includes Nordstrom's, SAM, Pike Place Market, the harborfront, the Roosevelt Hotel (because it's across the street from Nordstrom's), and now, Gelatiamo. And the Mexican restaurant in Pacific Place, whose name I can't remember.



Deborah Blake said...

YUM. I love going places with Lisa, because there is ALWAYS good food involved :-) We'll have to find some way to all get together and pig out some day!

Lisa Croll Di Dio said...

Gelatiamo was AMAZING. Don't forget Thaos, that fabulous Vietnamese place kitty-corner from the museum. I'm still drooling of the picture of the ginger-glazed eggplant.