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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Food Fridays - Gluten free brownies

Okay, I'm a huge fan of brownies and I'm not really that picky about them. I've even tried homemade gluten free brownies and they were pretty good. Maybe not the brownies I'd buy for myself - or make for myself, but I enjoyed them.

There are a couple of things about brownies - number one is the texture. Great brownies are dense, and even better is when they're kind of chewy on the outside and dense and rich and moist on the inside. Great brownies are also - and this is key - absolutely chock-a-block full of flavour. Each bite - and they should be tiny bites so you can savour the taste - should burst on your tongue.with deep dark chocolate.

The things brownies should not be? They should not be filled with nuts - NO nuts in my brownies. They also should not be dry. They definitely should not be tasteless.

The 1/4 of a brownie I had yesterday was all of the above. I was hungry and tired - the exact right state to be eating a brownie in the middle of the afternoon - and I couldn't eat more than one bite. If I hadn't been surrounded by people, I probably would have spit that out. I don't blame the gluten free part - I blame the cook part, whoever they were.

How can you ruin a brownie? Even a gluten free one?



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