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Friday, March 25, 2011

Food Fridays - Darchin Restaurant

This week I treated us and our two friends Perry and David to Persian food at Darchin Restaurant. In case you don't know, Darchin means cinnamon n Farsi and going to this restaurant is like rolling yourself in cinnamon.,

First, it's right around the corner from my house - for which it gets huge bonus points. I can walk there in 2 minutes. Second, the ambience is delightful.

We sat right by the fireplace surrounded by candles flickering off the brick walls and wooden beams. There are pieces of Persian silver and glass on tiny tables all over the room. There's a loft upstairs and a bar as you walk in the door. The windows are covered with lead designs. They've done a terrific job in transforming the space to a warm and welcoming environment.

The service - oddly enough, by a young man from Wales - was also excellent. My partner is Persian and he said the waiter pronounced the Farsi names for the dishes perfectly, albeit it with a Welsh accent. He remembered from the reservation I made online that we were celebrating two birthdays and he suggested we have small orders of three different desserts - and every bite disappeared in a few moments.

The wine list was good and very reasonable and the bar specials that night were lychee and espresso martinis. David and I split a good bottle of Argentinian Malbec and Perry and Saeed had lychee martinis.

The food was very good. We had four different meals and every bite of each one was devoured. Perry and David had never eaten Persian food but they'll definitely be back.

And this may become our local bar and grill. You have to try it if you're in Vancouver. Let me know when you're in town and I'll meet you there.


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