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Monday, February 21, 2011

I'm going Oscar hunting...

Actually, I've already begun. Twelve Oscar nominated movies in twelve days. I've seen two of them so far and I've got ten to go and ten days to go. I suspect I won't see all of them but I'm looking forward to immersing myself in movies.

I'm going to try, this year, to convert 5% of the hours I give to my reading addiction to movies. I don't know exactly what that will be but I can guess that it might be about a movie a week. It won't be easy but I'm going to give it a shot. And no, I won't bore you with a movie review every single week - what I might do is an occasional round-up of what I've seen recently.

So what have I seen? The King's Speech and Barney's Version. What do I plan to see? True Grit. The Social Network. The Fighter. Toy Story 3. Winter's Bone. The Illusionist. How to Train Your Dragon. The Town. Incendies. Inception. A few of these are on video on demand which will help both my pocket book and my scheduling problems.

What am I avoiding? 127 Hours - I don't think I can bear to see it though I know it's probably amazing, in a creepy kind of way. Black Swan - I will see it, but not in the middle of a movie marathon - again I know it's an amazing film, but kind of tough. Blue Valentine - another tough film that I want to see but not right now.

So if you're looking for me this week, you'll find me in front of a big screen somewhere.


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