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Friday, September 17, 2010

Comfort foods

We all have comfort foods and they're probably all from our childhood. I fall back on mine when I'm especially tired, when something bad has happened, when I'm worried about something.

This isn't good because almost all of my comfort foods are things that come ready-made in a package. Not healthy at all - I just don't think about all the calories and chemicals that are involved.

Kraft Dinner, which I understand is now only available in Canada - at least the original is. And I NEVER add hot dogs or tomatoes or anything. I love the orangeness of it, the saltiness of it. I don't add milk either, just butter and the cheese and, occasionally, a little bit of pepper. And I eat the WHOLE package. At one sitting.

Chef-Boy-Ar-Dee ravioli. I don't even have to heat it up. I'll eat it directly from the can.

Cold hot dogs (and I mean uncooked straight from the package). Roll them in a piece of bread and add mustard - French's yellow mustard. Excellent.

Beans (preferably Heinz in tomato sauce) on toast (preferably whole wheat with butter). This is such an English thing - almost everyone I know who grew up with an English parent eats this. AND it's healthy - lots of fibre.

Soft-boiled eggs with toast soldiers. Another English thing.

Cheese and yum-yum pickles and stoned wheat thins. The stoned wheat thins are my nod to healthiness - when we were kids we probably had Ritz crackers.

Anything that can be eaten by hand is a comfort food for me - in fact, I have a tendency to turn most meals into finger food - especially if I'm alone.

My favourite meal as a kid was lunch or afternoon snacks at my English grandmother's house. There would be sliced tomatoes, buns, several kinds of sliced meats and cheese, pickles of one kind or another. Not a lot of vegetables on that table. Butter tarts, those tiny little English candies called Dolly Mixture - which I still see once in a while and always buy, Licorice All-sorts. Hmmm, all my favourites.

Tell me what your comfort foods are and I'll send one of you some English candy.


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Finger Food said...

Licorice all-sorts and jelly babies are what I used to have. Nice post!