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Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday movie review - LAST CHANCE HARVEY

This was a great movie starring three of my favourite actors - Dustin Hoffman, Kathy Baker and Emma Thompson.

It's not your average romance, that's for sure. First of all, neither Hoffman nor Thompson is in the prime of youth anymore and their characters don't pretend to be either.

They're both disillusioned with their jobs and their lives and they're certainly not convinced that anything is going to get any better.

Hoffman is in London to see his daughter get married. He hasn't seen much of her and the relationship is strained. His estranged wife, played by Kathy Baker, and her husband, played by James Brolin, are perfect parents and, although she's invited her dad, she's not too pleased to see him especially when his cellphone rings constantly.

The rest of the story - it is, after all, a romance - is delightful and honest. Relationships aren't easy when you get older and the lovely homage to An Affair To Remember just shows one of the ways that a new relationship can go wrong when you're older.

Thompson and Hoffman inhabit their roles as if they were playing themselves - and perhaps they were.

You'll definitely enjoy this movie. I did, as did my partner (a man who tends to like action films) and my movie going friend Heather.


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