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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Writer's Life

A Writer’s Life

‘Twas the night before deadline
and all through the house
all the creatures are stirring
excluding the mouse!

The coffee is cold
and ideas are colder
I am a mess and the
manuscript molders

So I in my PJs
and Sam* in his sleep
have just settled down
to an evening that creeps

Through the shank of the evening
to the doldrums of two
on to three and three-thirty
and now we’re past due

I’m pulling my hair out
and Sam’s getting bored
so I’m turning to Spider
in hopes that I score

Each game that I lose
means another hour writing
hurray! now the sun’s up
and my muse out of hiding

Fingers racing on keys
and heart pounding in time
I look at those two words
and grin like a mime

I’ve made it again
though it’s hard to believe
and the manuscript
finally, happily leaves.


* I have a very sexy computer and I’ve named him Sam Elliott – after, you know, Sam Elliott. Hmmm.

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