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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mamma Mia! Here I go again...

My, my, how could I resist you?

Well, I couldn't. I loved, loved, loved this money. It made me laugh so hard that I had lost my voice by the time I got home. I went with three friends - two male, one female - and all four of us are going back to the theatre to see it again.

I know, I know, it had terrible reviews. And maybe if you love small art films (which I do) or great big sweeping dramas (which I do) or those movies that get all the Oscar nods (which I do), you won't like this movie.

But I guarantee if you're a woman in mid-life, you are going to love this movie. The jokes are written for us. The characters ARE us. The story could be our story. And the women in the movie are so outrageous we wish we could be them.

And that's not even talking about Pierce Brosnan, an actor I respect for his comfort with his aging face and body. Yep, he has a little paunch in this movie, a few more wrinkles and a little more flesh on his face - but it suits him. And Colin Firth - also with a lot more flesh (he was always a bit that way, it's a British look, I think) is still adorable.

It's beautifully shot, there are plenty of in jokes about movies - the scene that takes off on Titanic is priceless, the Greek chorus is hysterically funny, and the music - though no one save Christine Baranski and Amanda Seyfried have futures as singers - is upbeat and funny. I give thanks to Baz Luhrmann for bringing back the movie musical because without him we wouldn't have this movie.

Don't miss it. Really. Ignore the reviews. Remember your youth. And laugh. It's worth it.



Anonymous said...

I just seen this movie this evening. What a fun movie. You feel so bubbly inside when you leave the theatre. I would love to see the live production of this but my hubby is not into it so need to find girlfriends to see it with.

Kate Austin said...

Anonymous - that's exactly what it is. I wish I'd thought to describe it that way - you do feel bubbly inside when you leave the theatre. I hope you find girlfriends to go the live production with you.