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Friday, April 25, 2008

I'm addicted

I admit it.

I'm addicted to shoes and boots - all kinds, all colors. I can't help myself. If I'm having a bad day, I buy shoes. If I'm having a great day, I buy shoes. If I'm in a store, the first place I go is to the shoe department. And shoes sales? I am SO there. I try to get to Seattle when the Nordstrom's shoe sale is on and usually buy a few pairs. Last year I bought three and they're all gorgeous.

I have shoes I only wear once a year but bought because I couldn't resist them AND they were on sale. I buy shoes that match nothing I own because I saw them in a window and fell in love. Of course, then I have to figure out what to wear them with. Sometimes that takes a year or two or even three. But eventually? I find something to wear them with.

I have seven or eight pairs of black shoes - I have lovely black slides, black patent kitten heeled pumps, black patent open-toed pumps, black satin high heeled open toed pumps that make me feel as if I'm in a movie from the forties. I have black walking shoes, two pairs of knee high black boots (one with high spike heels, the other with walking heels and silver buckles), two pairs of black ankle boots.

I have lime green shoes and sandals, brilliant orange snakeskin pumps (I bought those yesterday - and that's the picture you see up above) and orange sandals, yellow shoes, turquoise sandals, purple tweed shoes, pumps in a blue and yellow pattern, white sandals, brown boots.

I have a pair of Daytons - made in Vancouver boots that I've wanted since I was a teenager, finally bought them a couple of years ago. And they're gorgeous.

You're going to get bored if I keep going - suffice it to say that I have many many many many more pairs of shoes and sandals and boots. And I love all of them - and they love me back. Because I always, always, always feel better when I'm wearing a great pair of shoes.

Like I said, I'm addicted.

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