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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Clouds and reflective surfaces

There is something absolutely compelling about clouds and water (or any other reflective surface). I spend a lot of time (as you know) walking on the beach or around the city - especially when I should be writing.

And I'm always especially fascinated by those days when the clouds overwhelm everything else - like these two days. The picture on the right is from this morning, the picture on the left is from last week sometime.

These kind of days always make me think of Venice or Amsterdam or Miami - all those cities where water is a huge part of the landscape. Because there's a reflection off the water on a cloudy day that seems to change the way the clouds appear - they gain depth and weight, have more substance. They're no longer the fluffy white perfect clouds you see in the prairies in the summer nor the long thin strings of clouds that appear late in the afternoon on a really humid day in the east, the clouds that make you think "Ah, a little relief from the heat" but really just add to it.

These are clouds with substance. They're not pretty. They're not easy. They're aggressive and angry and compelling. They're amazing.


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