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Friday, February 01, 2008

Showering on the way to work

Okay, my last post was about the beauty of Vancouver and what interesting and sometimes aggravating weather we have. Now, I'm used to the rain and the mist and the fog - I even like them. I can even convince myself to like the snow, except...

In Vancouver we never really get snow. Oh, there's plenty of it in the mountains and in the mountains it stays snow, but what we get everywhere else is maybe a day worth of snow and then two or more days of slush immediately following. The slush is bearable - just - if you're driving, but if you're walking? It's completely and utterly miserable.

Because those people who are driving? They don't see pedestrians so they drive through a foot high puddle comprised of half dirty salt and sand drenched snow and half freezing water and send it four feet into the air and onto the sidewalk. Trucks and buses are even worse. They can hit that puddle and send the load past the sidewalk and onto your front door, soaking everything and every person in its way.

And then there's the run-off. The drains get clogged immediately and so every corner, especially the corners that have a slight slope down, end up with six inches worth of slush that has to be waded through when you cross the street. And it's cold. And it's dirty. And some car or bus is likely to come by while you're waiting at the corner trying to figure out the perfect route to avoid the deepest part of the puddles (where I'm convinced some weird form of mutated shark is lurking) and send a spray of filthy freezing muck your way.

The only people who really enjoy the snow in Vancouver? Dry cleaners and sadistic drivers.


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