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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Black Rider - Tom Waits and William S. Burroughs

I've been going to the theatre and to the movies a lot in the past few weeks - and enjoying slightly more than 50% of it.

I loved this show - it's a musical based on the rantings (my take on it) of William S. Burroughs - and any of you who've read him will know exactly what I mean - and the music of Tom Waits. It's part of Vancouver's new live performance festival, the PUSH festival, which is way way way out there. This is the only piece I saw this year and, though it started pretty slowly, by the end of it I was really enjoying myself.

And then, to make it even better, it made me go home and spend the weekend playing Tom Waits, who I love but hadn't played for a while. I even bought a new (okay, old to him but new to me) Tom Waits CD - Raindogs. And it's now my new favorite.

He's one those singer/songwriters who is completely and absolutely his own self. You could hear Tom Waits anywhere in the world, and you would know his voice. You could hear his lyrics in any language and you'd say to yourself, "Oh, yeah, Tom Waits wrote that." He's also in a couple of movies I really like - Down by Law and Coffee and Cigarettes. Plus, his song, "You're Innocent When You Dream" - I song I just love - runs over the final credits in one of my favorite movies - Smoke.

If you get a chance over the next week, play yourself a little Tom Waits, see him in a movie, and tell me what you think.


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