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Sunday, October 07, 2007

This is how you can tell I'm ready to go on vacation

Maybe you don't know this, but I'm off for the last two weeks of October. I'm going to New York for three days, then back to Seattle for four days, then to Las Vegas for three days, then back again to Seattle.

And even though it's 10 days away, I've just been on the internet checking the long-range forecasts for both New York and Las Vegas. I don't bother checking Seattle, they usually have exactly the same weather as Vancouver - and right now we're solidly into the rainy season. In fact, the forecast one day this week said we'd have showers, maybe hail, maybe thunderstorms, maybe a little bit of sun. Pretty typical Vancouver weather in October.

But New York? It's having Indian summer - it's hot and probably humid and I'm just hoping that it stays that way until the 16th when I get there. As for Las Vegas? Even hotter but dry. And I'm hoping it stays that way until I get there on the 21st.

I realize there's not much point in checking the long-range forecast seeing as it only goes five days out - but I can't help myself. Just as I can't help myself checking on webcams in both cities, just as I can't help myself making lists of things to do and to take with me, just as I can't help myself talking about it.

Which kind of traveller are you? Are you the kind of traveller who extends their vacation at both ends by planning and talking about it before it happens, by looking at photographs and talking about it after it's over? Or are you the kind of traveller who shows up at the airport or gets into the car and isn't on vacation until you arrive where you're going?


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