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Friday, September 21, 2007

Unexpected gifts

One of the restaurants in my neighborhood that I always enjoy is Kam's Place. It's just up the street from me and I eat there fairly regularly, either for lunch or for dinner. Both meals are inexpensive, the service is delightful, and the food is very good.

But the best part, really? Twice in the past four or five months, when I've been there for dinner, Kam has given me a gift. A real gift. The first time I was at Kam's with my book club (three other women and myself) right around Mother's Day. At the end of the meal, Kam came to the table with four lovely Chinese tea cups wrapped in ladybug paper - one for each of us. Last night, my sister and her partner were here from Edmonton and - who knows for what event? - at the end of the meal Kam gave us each a lovely blue and white tea mug with cover.

It's not that I wouldn't go to Kam's without these gifts, because I would, but the gifts - unexpected and lovely - make it even more of a joy.

There is something about unexpected gifts that are different than birthday or Christmas or Valentine's gifts. This week has been a week of unexpected gifts for me - the lemon timer, the cup from Kam.

I feel as if I'm blessed.


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sharon said...

I enjoy reading your posts. All of them are interesting and beautifully written. I loved the one about Kam and the gift. It is so delightful. Lucky you. I give gifts that are specifically chosen for that individual and there doesn't have to be an occasion either. Your travel ones are wonderful and perfect.