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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Here it is!

The picture of the summer so far - I walked out my front door the other night and this is what I saw. So in case you're wondering why I live where I do, this is the answer.

The sun setting over the water and the way the ocean is the last place to lose the light, still holding the sun's last rays deep inside itself so it shines even in the dark, as if hesitating to release the last of the day.

The way the sunset changes places over the year. I can chart the course of the year by where the sun sets, moving further and further north, further into the mountains as the winter wanes and the summer rises. I guess because I live right where the ocean meets the horizon, it's easy for me to see the sun move (okay, okay, I really do know that it's the earth that moves, but it looks like the sun moves - really).


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