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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Witchy Chicks - Make a Wish, Darling by Linda Wisdom aka Randi Wise

You know that old saying? Be careful what you wish for? Linda's novella is a perfect example of what can go wrong when you make a foolish wish - though when Linda's heroine Katie Moran makes it, it sounds perfectly reasonable. I guess that's the whole point of these kinds of wishes - when we make them, they seem to be exactly what we want, but it's impossible to imagine ourselves far enough into the future to see just what that perfect wish can turn into.

I mean, what can go wrong when you ask for a better life and the absolute hottest sex known to woman?

Everything, that's what.

Katie goes from being a poor, tired, downtrodden waitress is a grungy diner to being one of the wealthiest, thinnest and best built women in the country in one fell swoop. The only trouble is that along with the goods comes the bads - that is, her terrible friends. They're snobs, they're mean, they're spiteful and Katie finds out fast enough that her new life - where she's known as Kiki - isn't at all what she imagined it to be.

The only positive thing in her life is sex - and that's got its drawbacks as well. Because the man who is the sexiest, most gorgeous, sweetest man Katie Moran has ever met, is her landscaper and that just won't do. Not in her new life.

But don't fear - Linda doesn't let you down. I won't spoil the surprise, but there is a happy ending for Katie and Josh. And it isn't just a happy one, it's truly satisfying. I love these characters and the new play on an old theme. This novella definitely works.

Check it out at www.triskelionpublishing.com - remember, though, it's under the name of Randi Wise. Oh, and while you're there? Check out the cover (and the novella) for Linda's novella Great Escapes: Rose & Clay - the boy on that cover has a body to die for.

And another warning - you don't want to read this at your desk in the office or on the bus on the way into work. It's way too hot for that.


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Ruby Davis said...

Sounds like a fun read to the happy ending of a Cinderella story gone bad.......maybe you need to be more specific when you wish...

LadyVampire2u said...

Another great read! I am telling you that my "Must Have" list is growing and the Witchy Chick authors are right at the top.

Teresa said...

It sound exactly like the kind of wish I would ask for! Sounds like a fun book.

Mona said...

I like that..the idea that sometimes what you wish for might not be what you need.. it's almost like the idea that if you know what will happen in the future in advance you might actually mess your life.. but be sure I'm one hundred percent with a happy ending

Estella said...

My to buy pile is almost as big as my TBR pile and getting bigger.

Minna said...

I'd love to read that book!

ChristyJan said...

This book sounds like a fun read - but, I'll heed your warning and read it in private.