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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Oh, the weather outside is frightful

but I'm having a great time.

I know, you're all wondering why this isn't a Hero's Journey blog - and I promise you I'll get to it sometime in the next couple of days but I also know you'll forgive me once you know why I'm not doing it.

First and most importantly - no internet access - so I'm sitting in an internet cafe at 6:00 on Sunday afternoon. Second and weird - it's snowing here in Vancouver which it almost never does. So me coming out of my lovely warm apartment where I could watch the snowflakes without getting wet (because this is the WET west coast, our snow isn't pretty little flakes, it's big very wet flakes) I'm out up the street making sure you don't think I'm ignoring you. I'm not.

It's just that the hero's journey blogs are slightly more complicated and a lot of the information I need is on my computer at home. I could (I guess) put it on a disk and bring it with me, but I know you'll forgive me if I don't do it until Tuesday or Wednesday.

So almost everyone in Vancouver is out in the yard or on the street taking pictures of the snow. That's so that we don't forget what it looks like from year to year. I realized today when I went to pick up my camera that it was really a stupid idea because I've done it every year for years - and all the pictures look exactly the same. Grey water, grey sky, white stuff covering the trees and grass. Nothing new. So I decided against it. I did, though, because no Vancouverite can resist it, go out in the snow. We like to pretend - just for a few short hours - that we're like the rest of Canada, big brave snow-loving Canucks.

We're not.

Almost no one ventures out in the cars in the snow. They're scared to death of it. And those who do get in their cars - especially the ones who've never lived anywhere else - have no idea how to drive in the snow and, of course, they don't have snow tires either. I guess they figure it's not worth it for one or two days (if we're lucky) a year.

So that's why no hero's journey. But I will bring that to you later on this week and will have my internet access (don't ask) back later on in the week.

Have a lovely evening. I'm going to go home now, read a book or watch some TV, and enjoy the quiet with no cars and the wet mushy snow muffling all the sounds of the city. Because by tomorrow or Wednesday, the snow's going to melt and there are going to be foot deep puddles at every one of the corners.


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