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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Pam, Judy and Dick

You can tell I haven't been writing much this weekend (don't tell anyone, okay?) because I read three good books this weekend - the second book in Pamela Britton's NASCAR series, On the Edge, a reprint (with added scenes - kind of like a DVD, I guess) of Judith McNaught's Every Breath You Take - I hadn't read either of these writers before but I enjoyed both books - they entertained me.

On the Edge was fun because of its insight into the world of racing. I shouldn't have been surprised about that - NASCAR wouldn't get involved in a program that didn't get the racing right. Entertaining characters, definitely family-oriented - which is the buzz about these books - and worth reading.

Every Breath You Take was a different experience. I could hardly wait to see what happened. It's romantic suspense so I did know what was going to happen but the suspense was intense enough that I stayed up late to finish it, to find out how they got to the happy ending. Loved the hero, definitely a keeper.

And the third book? Thought I forgot, didn't you? Okay, I'll tell you a little secret. I'm a huge Dick Francis fan and I thought, after his wife Mary died, that we'd never see another book by him. But there it was - Under Orders - a brand new Dick Francis book starring Sid Halley. And it was just as good as if he'd not been gone for six years. I don't expect that we'll see a new book every year like we did up until about six years ago - but this book was a surprise and a special treat. I loved it. And I bought it in hardcover.

So that's what I did with my weekend - a little writing, a little visiting, a lot of reading. Perfect weekend.


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KathyF said...

Judith McNaught has been a favorite of mine since the early nineties. She is, in fact, my inspiration for writing romance. Read Paradise if you really want a keeper of a hero.

In fact, I should reread it since I've been wandering in a writing wasteland the last few years.