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Friday, September 15, 2006

The Drift on Main Street

I spent a lovely evening tonight with my friend Heather Armour hanging her photographs in the Bean Around the World coffee shop at Main and 20th in Vancouver.

The show is part of a much bigger show put on by the Drift - a collection of artists centered around Main Street in Vancouver. Once a year they have an art show that places art in all sorts of places: coffee shops, shoe stores, clothing stores, maybe even laundromats. Main Street is a terrific street to walk - there are coffee shops and restaurants, funky clothing stores, antiques and flea markets. It's eclectic. And fun.

But Heather's work - three big pieces and five smaller ones - is amazing. The photograph on this blog isn't in the show but the show is amazing without it. It's a combination of shots of graffiti Heather has found on the streets, an amazing portrait of a bug, and two wonderful black and white portraits (these ones of people).

She's got an eye for both the beautiful (see the photograph above) and the unusual, exotic and startling. I don't know which style I prefer - but I'm fascinated by them both. I have one of her photos of graffiti on my wall now, and I'm going to buy one of the photos from this show.

She's promised me that she'll get me copies of some of the photos that are in the show and I'll post them here when she gets back to the city in a couple of weeks. If you're in Vancouver and you get a chance, check out the Drift. It's fun and if Main Street isn't a part of the city you visit, this is a perfect opportunity.

After we finished hanging the photos, we drove down to the Exposure Gallery on Beatty Street for the opening night of the nude photo show. Heather has a photo in this show as well. There's nothing more satisfying than sharing a good friend's success - and Heather's there. It's great.


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