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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Gossip Queens

The cover for my November book The Gossip Queens is up on amazon.com and I love it! I've been incredibly fortunate with my covers from NeXt - each one of them has been gorgeous and captures the feel of the book in the most satisfying way.

And that can't be easy to do - because each of the books is different and they're not easily categorized. They're not romances, they're not paranormals - though in many cases they include a little of both. They're women's fiction - but what does that mean?

I guess it means that they're books about women, about the journeys women take, of the things they learn, and the way they survive the things that happen to them. They're about community - and this cover particularly embodies that.

The Gossip Queens - Mercedes, Rose and Doris - are best friends and they're also esteemed members of a much larger community, the community of the Sunshine Coast. And they know everyone and care about everyone around them. That doesn't mean that they're busybodies - although they are - what it does mean is that they understand that their world isn't a small one, but a big one, filled with people they see every day. They know and care about the people who work in the coffee shops and the gas stations. They know and care about the teachers and doctors and librarians. They care about these people's children and each other's children.

They're the village - and they look after their own.

And that's what I hope to do - look after my own.



Tina said...

What a beautiful cover! I've just recently picked up two of your other books and am looking forward to reading them. I think this will be next on my 'to buy' list. Man, that 'to be read' pile is getting huge!!!!

Eileen said...

What a great cover! And the book sounds fantastic too.