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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Burrard Street Bridge

This photo was taken off my balcony sometime last year - probably in the fall. I've taken dozens of pictures of the bridge but looking at the foliage, or lack of it, I'm guessing the fall though it might be the spring.

This may be my favorite view in the whole world - it's the thing that spells home to me, the thing that always makes me smile.

The bridge was opened in 1932, a perfect example of the art deco movement. At night, each end of the bridge glows with red lights that used to house gas lanterns. And the a painting of the bridge - by Dene Croft, a Vancouver artist - is how I imagine it might have appeared in 1932

See that pathway at the bottom of the photograph? That's the Seawall. Downtown Vancouver is on a peninsula, surrounding on three sides by water and the Seawall runs the entire circumference of the downtown. It's a great way to spend a day - I walk different parts of the Seawall depending on where I'm starting from.

But - my favorite part is the part west from my place to Third Beach in Stanley Park. I walk it in the summer with the hordes of tourists, bicyclists, roller bladers. I walk it in the winter when there's just me and the rain. I walk it in the morning, when the sun is still hidden behind the downtown highrises. I walk it in the afternoon when the sun's right overhead and I mostly walk it in the afternoon or the evening when I can watch the sun setting over the water.

The water changes color every day, changes moods. Last night when I walked home from dinner, the tide was high and the water was wild, retaining only the slightest hint of color. The waves crashed against the Seawall and the whole world smelled of ocean - it was fabulous.

Tomorrow, maybe I'll walk in the morning, before it gets too hot. I'll let you know how it goes.


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KathyF said...

The car in the painting looks exactly like my dad's old 47 Buick Roadmaster convertible.

The painting caught my eye as I was perusing the internet this morning, i.e. procrastinating. Thanks for posting it.