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Thursday, December 20, 2012

12 Days of Christmas - Wendy Ely

Awe, Christmas is almost here. The tree is up and if you flip on a music station, there is a good bet that a Christmas song will be playing. Even though my kids have often called me a The Grinch during the holidays because of my lack of holiday enthusiasm, I do love a good Christmas song! My favorite would be the naughty tune, I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause. And who wouldn’t enjoy the fun sounds of the old time Christmas favorites like Jingle Bells or Rudolph? The sweet sounds of holiday music certainly helps set in the Christmas spirit… even for The Grinch!

What is your favorite Christmas music?

Wendy Ely is a contemporary romance author. She writes some romantic suspense, really hot stories, and the wonderful happily-ever-after. She lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her own real-life hero and her two teenagers.
Wendy loves to hear from readers: authorwendyely@gmail.com

Excerpt from her newly re-released novel, Confessions:

Jordan Case. His memory came swooping though her like a flooding river. She remembered the way she’d run her fingers through his curls, or when he’d kiss the tip of her nose. He’d made her feel so special when he had carried her books for her, as though they had been in another era. When he had been waiting to walk her home from work at night, he’d grab her in a giant hug as though he hadn’t seen her in a month. All this time, she’d tried not to care about her past. But she did. 

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