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Monday, August 27, 2012


I've just got back from 10 days of what I like to call a staycation (thanks to Brent Butt and Corner Gas for the title). We didn't go far, but we went to a whole bunch of places, some we'd been to before, some we discovered for the first time, some with family or friends, and some just us.

Here, for your viewing pleasure are the first four days:

Day 1 - actually it probably should be called Day 1 minus 1 as I worked this day so my staycation didn't officially start until the next day.

A friend invited us to a Vancouver Canadians baseball game. It's triple A ball but it's in one of the most beautiful parks in the world. Patrick's son Trev turned 11 that day and he got to throw out the first pitch. Got it into the hands of the catcher as well. We sat in the bleachers, watching the game, the sun set, the sweepers do a break dance, ate hot dogs and popcorn and drank beer with Patrick's family - all 40 or 50 of them!

Official Day 1

We took the Skytrain out to the airport and, no, we weren't going anywhere except to the airport. There's something entertaining about being there and not having to rush off through customs or security. Vancouver International is a lovely airport, full of light and great art and pretty good food and shopping. I love taking the Skytrain as it drops you right in the airport and returns us to within a couple of blocks of home. We wandered the airport, looking in stores, stopping for a drink and a late lunch, enjoying the travellers and the hustle and bustle.

Day 2

This was a particularly gorgeous day - and we took full advantage of the weather. We went across the Lions Gate Bridge and up to the Capilano Canyon. It's a tourist attraction built right on the canyon and it's full of beautiful views, interesting information about people and history, and thrilling walks. And when I say thrilling, I'm not kidding. The new Cliff Walk is a narrow (maybe 12 inches?) wide plank, with glass walls that end just above my waist. You walk right out over the canyon - it's kind of scary but also incredibly beautiful.

Day 2 Part 2

Once we'd wandered around Capilano, having scared ourselves to death on the actual suspension bridge, which moves A LOT - we decided we deserved a nice lunch, so drove west to Horseshoe Bay and enjoyed lunch and the view. There's not much to do there except eat and drink, but it's beautiful and the drive is a delight.

There's the first part of our staycation - you can catch Days 3-6 on Wednesday.


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