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Monday, June 11, 2012

Being Brave

It isn't easy being brave. I think all of us struggle with this - not so much in the heat of the moment, when I think many of us are far braver than we think we can be, but when we look ahead to something that frightens us.

It might be an exam, a confrontation with a partner or a co-worker, a physical test (something as simple as going back to the gym after we've been away for a while), when we send out our babies - our work, our children, our friends - into the great, big, scary world.

It's the anticipation that's tricky, figuring out where the balance is between being prepared and scaring ourselves to death!

I haven't figured it out yet.

Although I try not to fret about things that haven't yet happened, I don't always succeed. And I find that I mostly don't succeed when I'm tired or overworked or not eating well or not getting any exercise or am not able to do the things I love: spending time with friends and family, a little (okay, not so little) shopping, reading, walking on the beach.

The biggest problem is that, at least for me, I tend to worry just as much about things that are going to be fine, things that have been fine in the past, things that aren't likely to go wrong, as I do about things that have a potential to be truly frightening. And the trouble with this is that this type of worrying is debilitating.

The other day I was walking down the street near my house worrying about the busy week I had ahead of me when I saw this poster - a bigger than life-size bus shelter poster. I'd never heard of this movie, still haven't for that matter, but I fell in love with this girl. She's the girl I want to be - with BRAVE in capital letters above my head.

She's my new screensaver and I show her - she's also on my phone - to everyone. I'm convinced that all I have to do is think about her - whoever she is, whatever her name is - and I'll be braver.

At least I hope so.


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